conditional for-statement

Falcolas garrickp at
Tue Aug 25 21:42:34 CEST 2009

On Aug 25, 11:25 am, seb <sdemen... at> wrote:
> We could as consistenly explain that the syntax
> for n in range(10) if n%3==0:
>   body
> means
> for n in range(10):
>   if n%3==0:
>     body
> This syntax has also the benefit of avoiding an extra level of
> indentation (the one for the if) that bears no real meaning on a
> structural level.
> Maybe a PEP could do the job...
> Sébastien

So, what part of the statement does the "if" statement belong to;
particularly a concern considering this is valid python:

for x in y if y else z:

You can always do the following at the cost of 6 symbols, and the gain
of clarity:

for n in (x for x in y if y%3==0):


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