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Wed Aug 26 00:35:55 CEST 2009

On Aug 25, 1:40 am, Thomas Guettler <h... at> wrote:
> Some years ago I had the same problem.
> I wrote a simple app with pygtk. You get get it from here:
> The next pictures get loaded in background. Switching from
> one image to the next is faster then in some other apps. But
> somehow it is not ready for the public. I guess I am the only
> one who uses it.
> Flags are symlinks in the home directory .local/share/app/gthumpy. This
> means you should not move your images, otherwise the flags get lost.
> I don't think it will work on ms-windows, but it could be ported.
> Or you use mirage:
> It is a pygtk image viewer. You can define shortcuts that execute user defined
> commands.
>   Thomas
> samwyse schrieb:
> > I have several thousand photographs that I need to quickly classify,
> > all by myself.  After extensive searches, I have been unable to find
> > anything to my liking, so desire to write something myself.  I'm
> > thinking about displaying a photo and waiting for keystrokes to tag
> > it; 'i' for interior, 'e' for exterior, etc., while hitting space or
> > enter will advance to the next photo.  My big question is, what's the
> > best way to display the photos.  I've used PIL in the past, but IIRC
> > it uses an external program.  Pygame is the next obvious choice, but
> > like PIL it requires an add-in.  That leaves Tkinter.  Has anyone used
> > it to display .JPG files, perhaps with rescaling to fit my screen?
> > How is its performance?  Is there any other possibilities that I've
> > missed?  Thanks.
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Thanks!  Both of these look very similar to what I need.  I will
investigate further.

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