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>On Aug 24, 6:34=A0am, Sebastian Wiesner <basti.wies... at gmx.net> wrote:
>> In any case, there is bottle [1], which provides a *very minimal* framewo=
>> for WSGI web development. =A0Don't expect too much, it is really small, a=
>> doesn't do much more than routing and minimal templating.
>> However, it is the only Python-3-compatible web framework I know of.
>> [1]http://bottle.paws.de/page/start
>There is one big flaw with your claim. That is the there is no WSGI
>specification for Python 3.0 as yet. Anything that claims to work with
>WSGI and Python 3.0 is just a big guess as far as how WSGI for Python
>3.0 may work.

Perhaps you meant "library" instead of "specification"?  I don't
understand how a language can be missing a specification.
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