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Wed Aug 26 05:45:26 CEST 2009

On Aug 26, 1:17 pm, alex23 <wuwe... at> wrote:
> Phil <phil... at> wrote:
> > My interest in Python 3.1 was actually to develop a framework. Again,
> > I can feel the flames. :) I understand there are enough frameworks but
> > I actually have no applications that I wish to develop.
> No offense intended, but that's probably the worst approach to take.
> Frameworks created for the sake of creating a framework, as opposed to
> those written to meet a defined need, tend to be the worst examples of
> masturbatory coding.

I would in part actually disagree with that.

The problem with people creating frameworks to meet some defined need
is that they often implement only just enough of that framework to
meet that need and nothing more. End result is that the framework is
more often than not ever fleshed out enough to be of much use to
anyone else. Its existence though just pollutes the Internet with more
crap that one has to wade through.

Since there is already a plethora of good frameworks out there, if
writing an application, you are better of using one of the existing
frameworks. If interested in working at the framework level, you would
still be much better off looking at the existing frameworks, first
learn how they work and then consider contributing to them, rather
than implementing your own.

For some related reading, see:

As far as low level framework (or anti frameworks), suggest looking at
Werkzeug, Paste/Pylons and bobo.

I'll comment more on original message later.


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