Code formatting question: conditional expression

Ben Finney ben+python at
Wed Aug 26 08:47:33 CEST 2009

"Nicola Larosa (tekNico)" <nicola.larosa at> writes:

> Nicola Larosa wrote:
> > Here's my take:
> >
> >     excessblk = Block(total - P.BASE, srccol,
> > carry_button_suppress=True
> >         ) if total > P.BASE else None
> Oops, it got shortened out: line longer than 72 chars, acceptable in
> code, but not in email. I'll try again.

Fine in email; just munged on your behalf (and probably without your
knowledge) by your email service provider. If you don't want that
happening, it's probably best to avoid Google Mail.

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