Python for professsional Windows GUI apps?

erikj tw55413 at
Wed Aug 26 10:29:52 CEST 2009


You could have a look at Camelot, to see if it fits
your needs :

it was developed with cross platform business apps in
mind.  when developing Camelot, we tried to build it using
wxWidgets first (because of the licensing at that time),
but it turned out that developing with QT proved to be
much more straightforward.  QT is documented very well
and you seldom encounter 'strange' issues that cost hours
of time to pinpoint and fix.

the datagrid was developed to be able to handle millions
of database records without glitches and is flexible thanks
to QT's model-view-delegate framework.

we do print barcodes with this app (even directly to
zebra printers)

if you have questions regarding Camelot, please feel free
to post on our mailing list :



On Aug 24, 2:08 pm, Gilles Ganault <nos... at> wrote:
> Hello
>         I was wondering if some people in this ng use Python and some GUI
> toolkit (PyWin32, wxWidgets, QT, etc.) to build professional
> applications, and if yes, what it's like, the pros and cons, etc.
> I'm especially concerned about the lack of controls, the lack of
> updates (lots of controls in wxWidgets are 1.0 deadware), and problems
> linked to how to update users' PC remotely when I build a new version
> using eg. Py2exe.
> I need controls for business apps like access to databases, good data
> grid, printing reports (with or without barcodes), etc.
> Thank you.

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