pygtk - What is the best way to change the mouse pointer

Ido Levy IDOL at
Wed Aug 26 14:38:50 CEST 2009

Hello All,

I am writing a dialog which one of its widget is a gtk.ComboBoxEntry ( 
let's assume widget in the example below is its instance )
When the user select one of the values from the gtk.ComboBoxEntry I need 
to run some calculations that takes a few seconds.
In order to reflect calculation time to the user I want to switch the 
mouse pointer to an hour glass and back to arrow what it finish the 

I use the following code but it doesn't seems to work in a deterministic 
way. From time to time it skips the last line and keep the mouse pointer 
as an hour glass.

        watch = gtk.gdk.Cursor(gtk.gdk.WATCH)

        calculation code


I would appreciate your advice on the right way to implement this.


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