Numeric literals in other than base 10 - was Annoying octal notation

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>>>>> Mensanator <mensanator at> (M) wrote:

>M> That's my point. Since the common usage of "binary" is for
>M> Standard Positional Number System of Radix 2, it follows
>M> that "unary" is the common usage for Standard Positional
>M> Number System of Radix 1. That's VERY confusing since such
>M> a system is undefined. Remember, common usage does not
>M> necessarily properly define things. Saying simply "unary"
>M> sounds like you're extending common usage beyond its proper
>M> boundaries.

But the customary meaning of `unary' is the tally system, as a radix
system wouldn't make sense. I don't know when this term came into use
but I have known it for a long time. 
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