on Win32 -- converting my newlines to CR+LF

Ryan McGuire usenet at
Thu Aug 27 04:52:19 CEST 2009

I've got a UTF-8 encoded text file from Linux with standard newlines

I'm reading this file on Win32 with Python 2.6:"whatever.txt","r","utf-8").read()

Inexplicably, all the newlines ("\n") are replaced with CR+LF ("\r
\n") ... Why?

As a workaround I'm having to do this:


which appropriately does not alter my newlines.

What really gets me confused though is the Python docs for

"Files are always opened in binary mode, even if no binary mode was
specified. This is done to avoid data loss due to encodings using 8-
bit values. This means that no automatic conversion of '\n' is done on
reading and writing."

The way I read that, should not touch my newlines. What am
I doing wrong? Is this a bug in Python, or in the docs, or both?

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