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Thu Aug 27 12:26:19 CEST 2009

On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 7:04 PM, Dave Angel <davea at ieee.org> wrote:

> I'm not sure how the list-server decides what thread a particular message
> belongs to.  It's more than just the subject line, since when people change
> the subject, it stays in the same thread.

I'm just using gmail because it saves me the trouble of reconfiguring the
mail server every time I use a new computer (which I do at uni quite a lot).
When someone changes the Subject with (was: XXX), it opens as a new "thread"
on gmail. also, when someone puts "Re:" in the subject it also puts it on a
new thread. The magical thing about gmail is that it seems to ingnore the
first "Re:" on the subject line, and make them the same thread. I rarely
have threading issues, but occasionally I do see "Re:" messages in a
separate place, maybe once a month.

I'd love to see an FAQ on how to handle these python.org mailing lists, with
> recommendations on settings to use both when you sign up for the list, and
> within various mail applications.

Google found me these:

Maybe they're helpful, since that's what the python-list uses. I've only
scanned for a bit and it seems comprehensive.

> For example, I see a single message containing typically around 10
> attachments.  I do the reply-all to one of these attachments, and it handles
> the message body okay, the To/CC fields okay,

What do you mean 10 attachments? O_o. I know some people like to attach a
company logo in their signature. (The Aussie DLF list people do that heaps.
Although some people post a hand-written sig in the attachment ... I'm not
sure how smart that is, but I've seen it done.) Where are you getting these

I haven't tried reply-all yet. May give that a try next time and see what
pops up in the To: address.

> usually adds an extra RE: on the subject (so it becomes RE: RE: subject).

Gmail doesn't do that. Yay! (Re: is dumb anyway, and you can't prepend Re:
forever. Fwd: is reasonable.)

> But it defaults to the wrong From: address, so I have to change that by
> hand.  I don't have that problem if I reply directly to a message, say from
> my in-box.

Weird. I have a different problem: the "To:" Address is usually the sender
I'm replying to. It's really annoying, because I always have to hand-change
the To: address to python-list.

I've sent two messages onto the list mentioning about adding a "Reply-to"
attribute by the mailing list server, which would fix this problem. To-date
everyone has seemed to ignore me. =/

> The FAQ could also cover conventions and other techniques, such as whether
> to use html or plain-text for messages, how to use ** to mark a word as
> bold, top-posting suggestions....

 I didn't know ** marks bold. Does __ mark underline? Those are cool things
I never hear about. Thanks!

On another tangent, I only found out the Python Wiki on the official site
today (http://wiki.python.org/moin/) Does anyone actually use it, and what


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