Does Class implements Interface?

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> Greetings everybody,
> let's say I have a Class C and I'd like to verify if it implements
> Interface I. If I is available to me as a class object I can use
> issubclass(C, I) and I can at least verify that I is a superclass of
> C. There are a couple of issues with this approach however:
> 1) C might override not just I's methods code but also I's methods
> signatures, effectively changing the interface.
> 2) What if I is -not- available to me as the superclass of C but as a
> description of the interface, i.e. as an IDL(*) file?
> Are there resources such as tools, recipes, documents or strategies
> that could help me deal with these issues? I've already looked into
> the ABC module and the zope.interface. I'm just fishing for more
> things to look at.
> Manu
> (*)

Python's general philosophy is that it's Easier to Ask Forgiveness than
Permission. Don't check the interface, just assume it's true and wrap the
code block in a try/except in case it isn't.

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