Python on the Web

Phil phily05 at
Thu Aug 27 17:58:19 CEST 2009

Thanks Graham. I actually ended up reading that blog post from a
Google search last night before I saw your response. It was very

Bruno, I will take a look at those groups to expand my knowledge. When
I gave that arbitrary percentage, I was basing it off of the
information I had seen with regards to launching applications built
with existing frameworks using lighttpd. I do realize I was missing a
lot of information by looking up something that specific. I also
understand that there are enough frameworks. That still won't change
my mind. I do not want to write a web application, otherwise I would
use an existing framework as suggested. I just wanted to experiment
and see what kind of framework I could develop with some ideas I had
in mind. The original post was mostly just because I was having a
difficulty understanding some lower level concepts as a result of
trying to get Python 3 on the web before figuring out that it wasn't
quite ready for that. I just really like some of the new features of
Python 3, and most importantly, unicode compliance is just that much
straight forward in my opinion.

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