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Mark Dickinson dickinsm at
Thu Aug 27 20:48:11 CEST 2009

On Aug 25, 11:34 pm, Carrie Farberow <farbe... at> wrote:
> Ok, here are links to word documents outlining the commands I executed as well as the make.log file and the make_install.log file
> [links snipped]

So from the output of make, it looks as though none of the
modules specified in the Modules/Setup file is being built
at all on your system.  So not just unicodedata, but the
math, cmath, array, itertools modules and more are
missing from your build.

You can check this by running Python:  after the make step
finishes, you should have a working Python executable called
'python' in the current directory;  if you start it up and
then type 'import math' at the '>>>' prompt, I'm guessing
you'll get an error message that looks something like:

ImportError: No module named math

I don't have much idea why those modules aren't being built;
I tried imitating the relevant parts of your instructions
(to the degree that they make sense on my non-Cray system)
without any problems.

Anyway, I agree that issue1594809 doesn't look so relevant;
the only common factor is that in both cases Python is
failing to find the unicodedata module;  but in that issue
the unicodedata module is present but doesn't get found
because the paths are messed up, while in your case the
unicodedata module isn't being built at all.


(1) double check that you've uncommented the appropriate lines
in the Modules/Setup file.  E.g., after the configure step, there's
a line in Modules/Setup that looks like:

#unicodedata unicodedata.c    # static Unicode character database

that leading '#' should be removed so that it looks like:

unicodedata unicodedata.c    # static Unicode character database

and similarly for the other modules in that section.
Make sure that you're editing the Modules/Setup file
*after* the configure step and *before* the make step.

(2) Find a local Unix/Python guru and ask him/her to
help out.  These sorts of problems are generally much
easier to figure out when you've got direct access to
the machine.

Sorry I can't be more help than this.


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