Question on the "csv" library

vsoler vicente.soler at
Thu Aug 27 21:06:53 CEST 2009

I am trying to read a csv file generated by excel.

Although I succeed in reading the file, the format that I get is not
suitable for me.

I've done:

>>> import csv
>>> spamReader = csv.reader(open('C:\\abc.csv', 'r'))

>>> print spamReader
<_csv.reader object at 0x01022E70>

>>> for row in spamReader:
	print row


My questions are:

1- Why using "print spamReader" I cannot see the data?
    I expected to see a list of lists, a kind of a matrix, but I get

2- Why are the rows in a single string?
   I expected a list of fields that, when text, would be delimited by
  To tell the truth, the file generated by excel does not contain the
strings delimited by ". Isn't it weird?

3- Is there anything I can do to have my data in a list of lists
structure? would another kind of data suit better my needs?

Thank you for your help

Vicente Soler

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