An assessment of Tkinter and IDLE

Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at
Fri Aug 28 19:44:22 CEST 2009

r wrote:
> On Aug 28, 11:12 am, Mark Roseman <m... at> wrote:
>> Would it be useful to link to this from the main Python Tkinter
>> documentation?
>> Mark
> Thanks Mark, but i would hate to see more links to TCL code in the
> python docs. Whats the use of Tkinter if the docs are in TCL. Just
> learn TCL and skip the Python middleman. But i don;t want to code in
> TCL (*puke*) i much prefer Python even if i am calling wrapped TCL.
> Not to mention this link is not a complete coverage of all the widgets
> anyway.
> We desperately need a complete reference for tkinter written with only
> Python code that covers all widgets, all widget options, and all
> widget methods. And this would be a minimal effort if someone would
> just do it. Most of the information is already out there in various
> locations around the net. We just need to compile, compress, and edit
> it into one short and to the point reference material.
> I will happily volunteer to create on my own or contribute to the docs
> if i can get a guarantee from the tkinter maintainer that my work
> would not be in vain.
Please go ahead and try it.  Having read the "Summary of Python tracker 
Issues" on the python-dev mailing list, and followed from there to the 
bug tracker, it seems that all input is greatly appreciated.  For the 
small issues the reply is often "Thanks, done".  Some things get 
rejected, and usually rightly so from what I can see.  Others the issue 
is closed with the half way house committed/rejected.  Work that out for 
yourself if you can.:)

Kindest regards.

Mark Lawrence.

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