Question on the "csv" library

David Smith dns4 at
Fri Aug 28 19:06:09 CEST 2009

vsoler wrote:
> Thank you very much for all your comments. After reading them I can
> conclude that:
> 1- the CSV format is not standardized; each piece of software uses it
> differently

True, but there are commonalities.  See

> 2- the "C" in "CSV" does not mean "comma" for Microsoft Excel; the ";"
> comes from my regional Spanish settings

The C really does stand for comma.  I've never seen MS spit out
semi-colon separated text on a CSV format.

> 3- Excel does not even put quotes around litteral texts, not even when
> the text contains a blank

There is no need to quote text literals with whitespace in them.  There
is a need when a newline exists or when the separator character is
embedded in the field.


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