cgi and POST

Ken Seehart ken at
Fri Aug 28 22:59:57 CEST 2009

I can't seem to find an answer to this simple question on the web, and 
the documentation doesn't seem to indicate how to do this...

On the client I have:
        urllib.urlopen(uri, data)

This does a POST, but it's not obvious to me how this maps onto the 
various cgi examples which assume that the POST operation came from an 
html form with a file field.

In my case, there is no html form, and there is no file field, so please 
do not refer me to a page that just gives examples where the data is 
coming from a file transfer form.  I have already visited those pages.

My question is this:

Using cgi, how do I get the /data /(not the uri arguments) originating 
from a POST that did not originate from a form.


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