What python can NOT do?

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>> > if you don't know the answer please don't reply
>> I'm not sure you understand -- Being a Turing complete language,
>> anything you can do in any other language, you can do in Python.
>> =A0 As "r" observed, it might not be a pleasant experience (though
>> there are a lot of things I'd rather do in Python than in C or
>> Assembly) but certainly doable.
>> So clearly the issue resides in your nonsensical question. =A0You
>> asked for things you can't do with Python so I listed some. =A0The
>> things you can't do in Python are things you can't do in any
>> other language either. =A0To turn your snark on end, "If you can't
>> post a sensible question, please don't post in the first place".
>> But this is usenet, and Python can't solve the problem of
>> nonsensical questions posted on usenet. :-/
>> -tkc
>i am free to post , you are free to ignore

Well -- don't you think the same applies in reverse?  Remember that
Python is named after the comedy group Monty Python, and jokes are a
frequent occurrence on this group.
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