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> > i have been searching for am IDE for python that is similar to Visual

> > Basic but had no luck.shall you help me please?

> You can try biform:


> Demo:


> More demo:(Chinese version)


> BiForm is a form designer,one designed form will deploy as a PFF file.

> BiReader is a runtime PFF file process engine for end-users.

> Setup file above include BiForm and BiReader.

> Main features:

> *Python as script language,base on QT GUI library

> *Visible form designer

> *Internal database access framework

> *Auto connect database,auto create tables

> *Supports SQLite/Mssql2000/Sybase ASE,not need write diffrent script

> for diffrent database at most time

> *Simple deploy,simple upgrade

> *Different forms can share same tables,they will auto cooperation with

> other forms at runtime.If you want to deploy a new function , not need

> uninstall other forms,deploy the new PFF file is enough .

> --


You can also try Eclipse + PyDev. It's not the same as Visual Studio, and I  
am not sure about the GUI builder, but I think it's what you want.
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