An assessment of the Unicode standard

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Sun Aug 30 00:46:31 CEST 2009

I was reading the thread here...

and it raised some fundamental philophosical questions to me about
natural languages and Unicode. Which IMO * Unicode* is simply a monkey
patch for this soup of multiple languages we have to deal with in
programming and communication.

Unicode (*puke*) seems nothing more than a brain fart of morons. And
sadly it was created by CS majors who i assumed used logic and
deductive reasoning but i must be wrong. Why should the larger world
keep supporting such antiquated languages and character sets through
Unicode? What purpose does this serve? Are we merely trying to make
everyone happy? A sort of Utopian free-language-love-fest-kinda-

But there is a larger problem that is at the heart of Unicode itself,
and it has to do with this multi-language/multi-culture world we live
in. Even today in 2009 AD with all our technology and advancements we
still live in a dark ages of societal communication. Of the many
things that divide us such as race, color, religion, geography, blah,
the most perplexing and devastating seems to be why have we not
accepted a single global language for all to speak.

Take for instance the Chinese language with it's thousands of
characters and BS, it's more of an art than a language.  Why do we
need such complicated languages in this day and time. Many languages
have been perfected, (although not perfect) far beyond that of Chinese
language. The A-Z char set is flawless!

Some may say well how can we possibly force countries/people to speak/
code in a uniform manner? Well that's simple, you just stop supporting
their cryptic languages by dumping Unicode and returning to the
beautiful ASCII and adopting English as the universal world language.
Why English? Well because it is so widely spoken. But whatever we
choose just choose one language and stick with it, perfect it, and
maintain it.

IMO Multiple languages are barriers to communication, collaboration,
and the continuation of our future evolution as intelligent Human
beings and this language multiplicity will comprise our future until
it is reigned in and utterly destroyed. And i think most of you are
missing how important this really is to our future. And so these
problems bring me to the main subject of this thread "Unicode Sucks"

Now you may say to yourself "I am not a sociologist i am a programmer,
so why should i give a flying fig about natural languages or Unicode,
i just accept things as they are". Well yes you could just go on
accepting the status quo that is surely the easy route, but your life
would be so much easier if you crusaded for change.

BUT STOP!, before i go any further i want to respond to what i know
will be condemnation from the sociology nuts out there. Yes
multiculturalism is great, yes art is great, but if you can't see how
the ability to communicate is severely damperd by multi-languages then
you only *feel* with your heart but you apparently have no ability to
reason with your mind intelligently.

[nested thoughts]
A few months ago i was watching some tear-jerking documentary called
something like "Save the Languages" or "The dying languages" blah! In
the documentary these two bleeding-heart-ivy-leaguers were running all
over the world to document some obscure languages that were on the
verge of extinction. And at one utterly amazing point in the episode
they start crying and moaning for the loss of these languages like
their own mother had died a horrible death. I watched all this in much
horror and disbelief with jaw-dropped and i am still scared by the
thought that people actually buy into this BS! Has the world gone mad?

[back on track]
The death of a language is as natural as the death of a flower, or a
fish, or even the ever long oxidation of aluminum coke can. When a
life form dies it brings life to the next generation. With languages,
each death compiles upon the last and we are one step closer to the
unifying language that we all so disparately need. We should herald
the death of the languages like the jazz funerals of New Orleans with
much happiness and fanfare for there is no reason to be sad.

It's called evolution people! Ever heard of science? So ditch the
useless Unicode and save us all a few keystrokes and bottles of
aspirin for the persistent headaches! Simplicity is beautiful!!

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