An assessment of the Unicode standard

John Nagle nagle at
Sun Aug 30 07:14:55 CEST 2009

r wrote:
> I was reading the thread here...
> and it raised some fundamental philophosical questions 

    Rant ignored.

    Actually, Python 3.x seems finally to have character sets right.
There's "bytes", for uninterpreted binary data, Unicode, and
proper ASCII, 0..127.  Within Python, we finally got rid of
"upper code pages".

    (I wish the HTML standards people would do the same.  HTML 5
should have been ASCII only (with the "&" escapes if desired)
or Unicode.  No "Latin-1", no upper code pages, no JIS, etc.)

> [nested thoughts]
> A few months ago i was watching some tear-jerking documentary called
> something like "Save the Languages" or "The dying languages" blah! 

    It may be a bit much that Unicode supports Cretan Linear B.

					John Nagle

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