IDE for python similar to visual basic

r rt8396 at
Sun Aug 30 19:48:24 CEST 2009

On Aug 28, 5:19 pm, qwe rty <hkh00... at> wrote:
> i have been searching for am IDE for python that is similar to Visual
> Basic but had no luck.shall you help me please?

Hello qwe rty,

I remember my first days with GUI programming and thinking to myself;
how on earth can i write GUI code without a MS style GUI builder? Not
to long after that i was coding up some pretty spectacular GUI's from
nothing more than source code and loving it.

[Warning: the following is only opinion!]
I think a point and click GUI builder (although some may disagree) is
actually detrimental to your programming skills. The ability to
visualize the GUI only from the source code as you read it, is as
important to a programmer as site reading sheet music is to a
musician. And I like to program with the training wheels off.

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