An assessment of the Unicode standard

Stephen Hansen apt.shansen at
Sun Aug 30 21:43:44 CEST 2009

> So why the heck are we supporting such capitalistic implementations as
> Unicode. Sure we must support a winders installer but Unicode, dump
> it! We don't support a Python group in Chinese or French, so why this?
> Makes no sense to me really. Let M$ deal with it.

Who, exactly, do you think "we" are?

You're off talking about The Python Community again, aren't you. I thought
we talked about that.

"We" are a group of diverse people from diverse backgrounds-- national and
linguistic-- and quite a few who either run our own business or are
connected to businesses. A very huge chunk of folk around here quite like
capitalistic implementations. Python's very business and closed-source
friendly, remember?

This "crusade change the world" crap is so strikingly stupid of a troll
approach for this group, I'm startled that it's worked. But it has, so kudos
to you! Can't you go try to get someone fired up who has some philosophical
basis in the group's existence?

Python's not the FSF*. It's not software-for-freedom to change the world.
It's software to get things done, and keep things done down the road.

... sigh. I fed the troll.


P.S. *And I mean no insult by this towards the FSFL. It's a
political/philosophical for-the-good-of-humanity organization, is all. Good
for them.
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