An assessment of the Unicode standard

Paul Boddie paul at
Sun Aug 30 21:05:54 CEST 2009

On 30 Aug, 18:00, r <rt8... at> wrote:
> Hold the phone Paul you are calling me a retarded bigot and i don't
> much appreciate that. I think you are completely misinterpreting my
> post. i and i ask you read it again especially this part...

I didn't call you a "retarded bigot", and yet I did read your post.


> I don't really care what language we adopt as long as we choose *only*
> one and then seek to perfect it to perfection. And also that this
> *one* language use simplicity as it's model. English sucks, but
> compared to traditional Chinese and Egyptian Hieroglyphs it's a god
> send.

You don't care which language it is as long as it's the one you use.
That's what this sounds like, layered on top of what you've already
written (and what you write below). How about Esperanto? You have
heard of Esperanto, right? Or take your pick from the other artificial
languages - they're relatively popular in some places where English
isn't the natural first-choice foreign language.


> Look history is great but i am more concerned with the future. Learn
> the lessons of the past, move on, and live for the future. If you want
> to study the hair styles of Neanderthal women be my guest. Anybody
> with half a brain knows the one world government and language is
> coming. Why stop evolution, it is our destiny and it will improve the
> human experience.

Again, we witness a distortion of scientific concepts through the use
of political themes.

> [Warning: facts of life ahead!!]

Even Xah Lee's harshest critics must acknowledge that Xah delivers a
less offensive, more entertaining rant than this. At least Xah has
mastered the art of the expletive.

> I'll bet you weep and moan for the native Americans who where
> slaughtered don't you? Yes they suffered a tragic death as have many
> poor souls throughout history and yes they also contributed to human
> history and experience, but their time had come and they can only
> blame themselfs for it.

You're on a slippery slope when you claim that people deserve whatever
mistreatment or misfortune comes their way through mere circumstances
of birth. I suggest you step back and actually read your messages
again and consider how others might interpret them.

I also suggest that, unless you really wish to discuss deficiencies of
Unicode with respect to Python, you don't use this list/group as a
discussion forum for your ill-informed notions of "progress", but
instead take them to a more appropriate forum where I'm sure people
will be happy to scrutinise your ideas at their leisure.


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