An assessment of the Unicode standard

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Mon Aug 31 00:28:55 CEST 2009

On Aug 30, 2:05 pm, Paul Boddie <p... at> wrote:
> You don't care which language it is as long as it's the one you use.
> That's what this sounds like, layered on top of what you've already
> written (and what you write below).

I said it before and i will say it again. I DON"T CARE WHAT LANGUAGE

> How about Esperanto? You have
> heard of Esperanto, right? Or take your pick from the other artificial
> languages - they're relatively popular in some places where English
> isn't the natural first-choice foreign language.

English is by far already the de-facto lingua franca throughout the
world. However it has many shortcommings. The most prevalent being
idiotic pronunciation. You can thank neo-nazi-linguist and your third
grade language teachers for this brainwashing. Academias raping of
languages has been going on for centuries.

> > Look history is great but i am more concerned with the future. Learn
> > the lessons of the past, move on, and live for the future. If you want
> > to study the hair styles of Neanderthal women be my guest. Anybody
> > with half a brain knows the one world government and language is
> > coming. Why stop evolution, it is our destiny and it will improve the
> > human experience.
> Again, we witness a distortion of scientific concepts through the use
> of political themes.

You can deny the holocaust all you want but it still happened and so
too shall the great unity! Sadly because of cultural and social
fanatics like yourself, it will probably take another great war to
usher in the new order.

> Even Xah Lee's harshest critics must acknowledge that Xah delivers a
> less offensive, more entertaining rant than this. At least Xah has
> mastered the art of the expletive.

So you are advocating for me to use derogatory statements in my post,
no thanks i need not resort to adolescent rants to argue my points.
And why do you continue to compare me to XL. Has XL *ever* helped a
python user in this forum? I have, many times. I am *actually* a
python programmer who cares about Python and my posts bring much vigor
and intelligence to an otherwise boring NG -- like me or not.

> You're on a slippery slope when you claim that people deserve whatever
> mistreatment or misfortune comes their way through mere circumstances
> of birth. I suggest you step back and actually read your messages
> again and consider how others might interpret them.

Paul: civilizations rise and fall, this is beyond our control. Every
great power will utter fail at some point. Some die out like a slow
burning candle, others go quickly and painfully from defeating blows
in war time. This is an eventuality you must face friend. This whole
save the whales BS is really getting on my nerves! Stop trying to play
God Paul, it is not your decision when and where the blade shall

When a people stop evolving and no longer have anything productive to
give to evolution, evolution stamps them out. If the Indians had
developed gun power and industrialized America they might be running
more than merely a casino. Oh No! Was that out of line, you will
probably think so.

Stay in know and you shall endure...

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