An assessment of the Unicode standard

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Aug 31 12:00:58 CEST 2009

On 31 Aug, 00:28, r <rt8... at> wrote:
> I said it before and i will say it again. I DON"T CARE WHAT LANGUAGE


> English is by far already the de-facto lingua franca throughout the
> world.

You don't care, but here it comes: English! And is it a language
"founded on ideals of simplicity"? I suggest you familiarise yourself
with the history of the English language.


> You can deny the holocaust all you want but it still happened and so
> too shall the great unity! Sadly because of cultural and social
> fanatics like yourself, it will probably take another great war to
> usher in the new order.

Now you are just being offensive.


> So you are advocating for me to use derogatory statements in my post,
> no thanks i need not resort to adolescent rants to argue my points.

So what was the bulk of your opening message in this thread or the
kind of gutter remarks made above if not "adolescent rants"?

> And why do you continue to compare me to XL. Has XL *ever* helped a
> python user in this forum? I have, many times. I am *actually* a
> python programmer who cares about Python and my posts bring much vigor
> and intelligence to an otherwise boring NG -- like me or not.

Whether you actually care about Python or not, I repeat my suggestion
that you take rants of this nature out of this forum and to a more
appropriate place. At the very time the community seeks to increase
diversity, such material is not only insensitive towards those who do
not share your own cultural and political background, it also
demonstrates a total lack of awareness of the kind of community people
are trying to build and sustain.

And don't give us the "livening up the newsgroup" excuse. The only
reason people use newsgroups like this for their political posturing
is analogous to a football player bursting into a chess club and
claiming superiority in his own sport over those whose pastime has
been interrupted: he knows that in a more suitable venue, his
inadequacy would quickly be revealed by active practitioners of the
discipline. Take your material elsewhere - maybe then the historians,
linguists and sociologists will give you the tuition you so richly


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