An assessment of the Unicode standard

Nigel Rantor wiggly at
Mon Aug 31 16:36:46 CEST 2009

Hendrik van Rooyen wrote:
> On Sunday 30 August 2009 22:46:49 Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
>> 	Rather elitist viewpoint... Why don't we just drop nukes on some 60%
>> of populated landmasses that don't have a "western" culture and avoid
>> the whole problem?
> Now yer talking, boyo!  It will surely help with the basic problem which is 
> the heavy infestation of people on the planet!
> :-)

On two conditions:

1) We drop some "test" bombs on Slough to satisfy Betjeman.

2) We strap both Xah and r to aforementioned bombs.

Also, I'm surprised no-one has mentioned Esperanto yet. Sounds like 
something r and Xah would *love*.

Slightly off-topic - does anyone have a good recipe for getting 
thunderbird to kill whole threads for good? Either based on a rule or 
just some extension I can use?

The Xah/r threads are like car crashes, I can't help but watch but my 
time could be better spent and I don't want to unsub the whole list.



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