An assessment of Tkinter and IDLE

r rt8396 at
Mon Aug 31 19:00:01 CEST 2009

Kevin and Terry,

I respectfully disagree that the site is ready for prime time
*However* i do not wish to undermine the great work that Mark Roseman
has done here and i thank him for his contribution. He has put much
work into covering all the major languages and i think this site
*could* turn out to be the best one-stop-shop for Tk coding no matter
what language you come use. And Actually of all the sites that i know
of, his is by far the most professional/modern looking of all!

My only beef with Mark's site is lack of detailed information OR a
reference manual of sorts in the Python language. We have too many
places around the net one must go to get this information when
starting the road to Tkinter.

The Effbot site is great with much detail but is not a good reference.
John's NMT site is a great reference but lacks the extensive tutorial
style details of effbot. Mark's site is the shiny new corvette,
however the engine is on back order?

We need to compile this info into one beautiful orgy of Tkinter
learning material. Here are the three sites that i mentioned above,
they would compress well into one...

While I hadn't used it before, I think Tkinter may very well be the
nicest interface to Tk next to Tcl's (for which Tk was originally
designed of course, so you'd expect a bit of an advantage). For people
unfamiliar with either language, I think Python's more conventional
use of parentheses for functions, the "option=value" syntax, plus
language features it takes advantage of are very attractive and win
out over Tcl.

Well put Terry! I could not agree more with this assessment! Pythons
wrapping of Tk is so beautiful next to the other languages i can bet a
lot of Ruby, Tcl, and Perl guys are going to feel like ugly ducklings
at a Ms america pageant! (but i may be partial to Python code... just
a little)  ;-)

When it comes to using Tkinter I think a lot of people let ego get in
the way. Yes the name may sound synonymous with "Tinker Toys" however,
TEE-KAY-ENTER is a great (albeit simple) GUI toolkit. I use it quite
often and reach for the power of wx only when i need the extra
functionality -- which the gap is starting to close. Anyhow, welcome
to Tkinter Terry, i only wished you would had dropped by
sooner...??? :)

psst: maybe you can use your influence and convince others that Tk is
not so bad?

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