An assessment of Tkinter and IDLE

r rt8396 at
Mon Aug 31 19:29:22 CEST 2009

On Aug 28, 11:12 am, Mark Roseman <m... at> wrote:
> Would it be useful to link to this from the main Python Tkinter
> documentation?
> Mark

Sorry Mark,
i did not realize when i replied to you that YOU are the Mark of For some reason i only saw Tcl code when i visted the site,
and that prompted my slightly grumpy rant. After looking a second time
(and actually reading more) i see this site has much promise. I hope
my post did not seem condescending of your efforts. I think your site
is beautiful and just wish we could add MORE Python specific info to
it like i covered in my last post. And also I would like to see a
complete coverage of all the widgets.

We more experienced guys already know how and where to find the
thousand or so sites for this or that Python info, but the new users
are going to be lost in the wilderness. I love that Python has so much
info out there, i just hate that is so spread out! We must do
something about this in a way that all doc/tut creators can be happy.

PS: and i would like to contribute to your site.

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