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Tue Dec 1 20:06:11 CET 2009

Dear Group,

I am a researcher in India's one of the premier institutes.(Indian
Institute of Science,Bangalore).

I have done one MA in Linguistics, did a PhD in Natural Language
Processing and doing a Post Doctoral now.
Earlier I knew C/C++ and presently work on Python on WinXP.
I use IDLE to as gui.
My area of work are:
(i) Statistical Modeling,
(ii) Neural Networks;
(iii) Machine Learning.

I have developed the following toolkits:
(i) A web based crawler;
(ii) A Bayesian classifier;
(iii) One NER engine;
(iv) One XML parser;
(v) One PoS Tagger;
(vi) One Parser based on CRF;
(vii) One MLE training system;
(viii) One Spell Checker;
(ix) One Transliteration System;

I have developed them either in Python2.5 and Python2.6.

After I complete my Post Doctoral which may be only 2-3 months away,
with this knowledge can I join IT?
Or Do I have to learn anything new?
Are there any India based opportunities- as I checked Python job board
it is very less.
If I get anything after completing my Post Doc with present base of
knowledge what profiles I may expect?
If I have to learn anything what they may be and how much time
generally a person needs to learn them and what may be the profile

As this room is filled up with many expert IT professionals if any
body can suggest me on these.

Best Regards,
Subhabrata Banerjee.

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