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> Tim Roberts wrote:
> > joy99 <subhakolkata1... at> wrote:
> >> I am a researcher in India's one of the premier institutes.(Indian
> >> Institute of Science,Bangalore).
> >> I have done one MA in Linguistics, did a PhD in Natural Language
> >> Processing and doing a Post Doctoral now.
> >> ...
> >> After I complete my Post Doctoral which may be only 2-3 months away,
> >> with this knowledge can I join IT?
> > Wouldn't you say you have already joined IT?
> > It's difficult for me to believe that you have managed to get all the way
> > through a PhD without cultivating close relationships with at least one
> > private sector company.  Unless you had planned to stay in research
> > throughout your life, wouldn't that have been an obvious step along the
> > way?
> >> Are there any India based opportunities- as I checked Python job board
> >> it is very less.
> > There are very, very few full-time Python jobs anywhere in the world,
> > although many people use Python as one tool in their toolbox.
> >> If I get anything after completing my Post Doc with present base of
> >> knowledge what profiles I may expect?
> >> If I have to learn anything what they may be and how much time
> >> generally a person needs to learn them and what may be the profile
> >> expectancy?
> > I am amazed that a PhD does not already have some clues about the answers
> > to these questions.  Your best plan is to start exploiting your network of
> > contacts.  If you don't already have a network of commercial contacts, then
> > you have a long, hard road ahead of you.
> Getting involved in an open source project or two may bolster your CV
> and help you get your foot in the door. Employers always like a bit of
> real worlds experience - some even insist on it. There are thousands of
> open source projects using python you could contribute to, or you could
> found your own. You sound like a bright guy, maybe you could be the next
> Bram Cohen?
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Thanks for another nice message.
Bright? I don't know, all I try to do my work and get some results.
That's upto the world to say.
Happy day ahead,
Best Regards,

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