Recommendation for small, fast, Python based web server

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Thu Dec 10 00:30:00 CET 2009

> I'm looking for a small, simple, fast, Python based web server
> for a simple, client side application we're building. We don't
> want to distrubute and support a "real" web server like Apache or
> Tomcat or depend on the presence of local web server such as IIS.
> The application in question will service AJAX requests from a
> browser.
> We're not looking for a web framework like Django, Plone, etc.
> I've looked at the web servers that come bundled with the Python
> standard library[1] and they are too slow. I suspect this is
> because they don't maintain a session between the client and
> server, thus every GET/POST request repeats the session setup and
> break down process. Or they might be based on a polling model?
> Here are the other Python based web server implementations I'm
> aware of:
> - cherrypy
> -
> - twisted
> Any recommendations appreciated (Python 2.6 preferred but open to
> Python 3.1 options).

I'm using cherrypy for this purpose, actually together with turbogears 1.


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