pyZui - anyone know about this?

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Thu Dec 17 19:43:15 CET 2009

On Thursday 17 December 2009 19:46:41 Terry Reedy wrote:
> His idea was for a document rather than 
> app centric plain. 
These days I find the notion of monolithic apps to be a pita. 
The concept of many small black boxes (but open source) that each do a single 
job and pipe in/out is so much more powerful. I don't see why everything in a 
gui and down can't be such a box. Then we get to wire them together as needed. 
We'd still have 'big apps' but they would be constructed more loosely and we 
could adapt them to fit real life needs.

I dunno. I think big apps are dinosaurs. As much as I love Inkscape and 
Blender and others, they are all islands with vast gulfs between them.

And let's have Python glue them all together!

> Not clear how one would pipe data from app to app in 
> his model, though.
The picture I have of it is illustrated by Blender's material node system. 
have a look at this pic:
Just a mental jump-off point. Think bash meets zui with a Python driving. :D


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