Which version of MSVC?90.DLL's to distribute with Python 2.6 based Py2exe executables?

Mark Hammond skippy.hammond at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 00:16:14 CET 2009

On 18/12/2009 7:44 AM, Ross Ridge wrote:
> The "P" DLL is for C++ and so the original poster may not actually need
> it.  I'm pretty sure Python itself doesn't need it, and py2exe shouldn't
> either, but wxPython, or more precisely wxWidgets, almost certainly does.
> So in your case you'll probably need to redistribute both DLLs.

FYI, my experience is that an entire manifest must be distributed.  As 
the manifest in question actually lists 3 DLLs, IIUC, you must ship all 
4 files - the 3 DLLs and the manifest, even if only one of the DLLs is 
actually used.

This is from memory some time back though, so apologies in advance if 
I'm mis-remembering.


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