Creating Classes

Steve Holden steve at
Sun Dec 20 17:11:54 CET 2009

Dave Angel wrote:
> We were talking about 2.x   And I explicitly mentioned 3.x because if
> one develops code that depends on old-style classes, they'll be in
> trouble with 3.x, which has no way to specify old-style classes.  In
> 3.x, all classes are new-style.  And although it'll no longer matter
> whether you specify (object), it doesn't do any harm.  As I said, it's a
> good habit for a beginner to get into when defining classes.
I maintain that this almost-cargo-cult belief over-complicates things
for language beginners. How long do you have to be using Python before
you make your first super() call? How many programs behave differently
with old-style vs. new-style classes?

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