Class variables static by default?

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Tue Dec 22 09:41:24 CET 2009

>> I don't think Steven cares much, he loves this type of nitpicking and
>> uber pedantic formulations, but only if he can apply it to other
>> people's post :)
> Heh heh :)
> I actually do care, because (not having a Java/C++ background) I actually
> do get a mental "double-take" every time I read about "class variables".
> It takes a real effort of will to remind myself that they're probably not
> talking about something like this:
> for theclass in (int, float, Decimal, Fraction):
>     do_something_with(theclass)

Right. I figured you don't have much of a background in other OO
languages but actually some background helps with python too. For one
it helps communicating with other people on this list who do come from
Java/C++/etc and also because python is heavily influenced by

Also, programming is not about a specific language but about
programming :) The concepts are general, maybe it's spelled
differently in python and java and C++ etc etc but the programmers in
all these languages do talk about the same stuff.

>> I found that his posts are generally useful and helpful, one just has to
>> cut all the nitpicking, ...
> Technically you don't have to cut *all* the nitpicking, cutting 87.3% of
> it is sufficient.

Touche! :)


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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