Author of a Python Success Story Needs a Job!

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Mon Dec 28 21:07:53 CET 2009

Move to NYC, Chicago, or Boston and try to land a job working in the
financial industry they're always hiring and Python is getting very popular
amongst the quantitative and computation finance sectors.

You may need to use head hunters two I recommended are Connections NY, Open
Systems, and Tek Systems.
I wish you the best its difficult everywhere.

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> To whom it may concern,
> I am the author of "Honeywell Avoids Documentation Costs with Python
> and other Open Standards!"
> I was laid off by Honeywell several months after I had made my
> presentation in the 2005 Python Conference.
> Since then I have been unable to find work either as a software
> engineer or in any other capacity, even at service jobs.  I've sent
> resumes and have been consistently ignored.
> What I have been doing in the meantime is to be a full time homemaker
> and parent.   As a hobby to keep me sane, I am attempting to retrain
> part time at home as a jeweler and silversmith, and I sometimes used
> Python for generating and manipulating code for CNC machines.
> For my own peace of mind, however, I very much want to be doing
> software work again because I feel so greatly ashamed to have
> dedicated my life to learning and working in the field only to now
> find myself on the scrap heap.
> I find it highly ironic that my solution is still being advertised on
> the Python web site but that I, the author of that solution, am now a
> long term unemployment statistic.
> Please, if there is anyone out there who needs a highly creative and
> highly skilled software designer for new and completely original work,
> then for the love of God I implore you to contact me.
> A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
> Sincerely,
> Andrew Jonathan Fine
> BEE, MSCS, 15 years experience, 5 in Python, the rest in C/C++,
> about 1/3 embedded design and device drivers, and 2/3 in applications.
> --

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