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> Victor Subervi wrote:
> > Comments from a left-brain thinker without any concept of how difficult
> > it is for a right-brain thinker to think like you. Care to compare
> > poetry? I'd bury you.
> That may be so, but the difference is that Steve is not trying to earn a
> living writing poetry as far as I know, whereas you appear to be trying
> to earn a living writing programs. If you can't learn to think like a
> programmer, sooner or later you'll have to face the grim reality that
> you'll never earn a living as a programmer. Maybe you should try to earn
> a living as a poet instead.

PS. There is something I am led to explore in programming. I'm doing ok.
Once I'm on my feet (I just arrived back in the states from the Dominican
Republic where I went broke) I'll go back to outsourcing and just be the
front end for my business. I'm damn good in sales. But I have to build this
shopping cart first, and frankly, despite it all, I'm rather enjoying it.
Yeah, if you can find me a publisher who's interested in a ripping hot epic
poem, let me know. Haven't found one yet...wrong century. I'm working up my
singing to start hitting the clubs and make money that way. But Carsten, I
dont' work for money. I work for fun. And despite it all, I actually enjoy
this. So I will continue...until something I enjoy more, like maybe music
and dance, intervenes.
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