PyNutButter BETA 1.0.0 - Automates CSV data Importation into any website http/https and/or mysql database

alex goretoy aleksandr.goretoy at
Sun Feb 1 08:08:26 CET 2009

Introducing PynutButter BETA 1.0.0

Automates csv data importation into any website. Or your money back.
Programs like this idea of a program I have here cost $2500. Pynutbutter is
opensource. You can use the code anyway you want. As long as I get my credit
where it is due. I've worked on this project for roughly 1.5 years now. This
is an idea I tried in 2 languages. PHP and python, now.

No matter how much data in your csv file.
No matter what the field names are.
No matter how data is formatted

With PyNutButter you  can parse this data in custom functions and then send
it to its destinations.
You can map all the csv file headers to fields of a html page.
It loops for each line in the csv file and imports your data.

You must configure your configuration and create custom functions that you
can call from this configuration.

I've uploaded all the main files, except my configuration(I am working on
examples and making the main project page better)

You can find this project here:

I've worked long and hard on this application and the idea behind it. Any
help making this tool better would be greatly appreaciated.

Please let me know what you this of this tool. Any ideas/features are also
always welcome.

I also have a presentation I am working on for this tool. I hope to find a
nice job. This tools is very powerfuls. I was think next to try it with
scapy. That would be sweet. You can add custom flavors(data parsing/sending
libraries). My goal for this tool was to make everything as dynamic as
possible. calling of functions and dealing with parsed data in functions.
Only reason why I built is because I needed a tool like this. I know someone
else woulnd't mind having a tool like this either, so here you go. If you
can please donate or something somehow.

Upcoming Features:
use of parsed data from more than one file at a time.
pyGTK for ease of configuration creation(any help?)
gui creation of custom functions
automatic form parsing based on given urls in config

-Alex Goretoy
somebodywhocarez at
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