Tkinter w.pack()?

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Sun Feb 1 13:47:00 CET 2009

Steve Holden wrote:
> W. eWatson wrote:
>> Steve Holden wrote:
>>> W. eWatson wrote:
>>>> r wrote:
>>>>> On Jan 28, 10:12 pm, "W. eWatson" <notval... at> wrote:
>>>>>> Where in the world is a description of pack() for Tkinter widgets?
>>>>>> Is it
>>>>>> some sort of general method for all widgets? I'm looking in a few
>>>>>> docs that
>>>>>> use it without ever saying where it is described. For one,
>>>>>> <>. In the NM Tech pdf on
>>>>>> Tkinter,
>>>>>> it's not found anywhere. I see Universal methods for widgets, but no
>>>>>> mention
>>>>>> of pack(). package, packed, but no pack.
>>>>> did you try here :)
>>>> Thanks. I have the site bookmarked, but it's hard to search. I posted a
>>>> comment to them that they should have it in pdf form.
>>> regards
>>>  Steve
>> Well, that's an interesting "link". Another side of Google facilities?
>> Maybe you're using Snagit or its brethern? However, I'm interested in
>> searching a pdf, which, of course, doesn't yet exist.
> OK, someone asked if you'd seen the HTML pages. You replied that you had
> them bookmarked but they were difficult to search. So I simply
> demonstrated that a search of the site for "pack" gave the right page as
> its first result.
> Maybe you *do* want a PDF, but it will be less searchable than the
> existing HTML, so I am somewhat confused about why.
> regards
>  Steve
So what are you telling me? I should use Google to search the web site? If 
so, I guess I missed the method you used. Apparently, it hinges on the key 
"site:" The use of your video tool camouflaged your intent, IMHO.

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