what IDE is the best to write python?

Christof Donat cd at okunah.de
Sun Feb 1 11:47:39 EST 2009


>> IMHO, scripting languages like Python are generally better suited to
>> working with a text editor than an IDE.
> I don't understand that, because in my opinion yields
>   IDE = texteditor + (much) more
> please could you explain (as I'm very interested in user interfaces in
> general )

Try to think of the operating system as the IDE. At least with Unix and 
similar systems that is a really powerfull solution. It includes not only 
vim, bash and make, but also stuff like e.g. ctags, awk, sed, etc. Even 
python itsself is part of the system and can be used for special purpous 
utilities like e.g. code generators.

If you need User Interface Design, there are quite powerful stand alone 
tools, like e.g. the QtDesigner which can be used with that "OS IDE".


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