Problem With py2exe and ConfigParser

berserker992 at berserker992 at
Sun Feb 1 17:01:43 CET 2009

Hello, i use python 2.6 + PyQt4.
I compile my main.pyw. It is compile, but don't run. In
"index.exe.log" error log:

>>>  File "index.pyw", line 100, in GetVal
>>>ConfigParser.NoSectionError: No section: 'Main'

>>>Code line 92 to 104 this is class that uses ConfigParser lib:
>>>class ConfigAcces:
>>>    def __init__(self):
>>>        self.cnf = ConfigParser()
>>>    def GetLibUrl(self):
>>>        return self.cnf.get("Main","lib_path")
>>>    def GetVal(self, p, key):
>>>        return self.cnf.get(p,key)
>>>    def SetVal(self, selection, option, NewVal):
>>>        self.cnf.set(selection,option,NewVal)
>>>        self.cnf.write(open("config.ini", "w"))

how do I fix this?

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