Auto Logon to site and get page

Stephen Hansen apt.shansen at
Sun Feb 1 22:34:46 EST 2009

> This doesn't however, it just sends me back to the main login page, doenst
> say invalid password or anything. I've checked, yes the python hmac hash
> function produces the same results (encrypted password) as the md5.js file.
> Does anyone know what I am doing wrong??

My guess? After you successfully login the webpage is setting a cookie
on your browser with a token to mark you as authenticated and let you
in. Lots of websites do that: I don't think urllib2 is handling that
by itself so you may need to. You also may have to set a User-agent
header to convince it you're legitimate.

I googled briefly and came up with which may
be totally useless or of great value. I am not providing it as a
solution, it just at a brief glance looks potentially relevant :)


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