Import without executing module

Ray raykyoto at
Mon Feb 2 02:05:50 EST 2009

Hi all,

I'm quite new to python as I've only just started to learn about it a
few days ago...  I am trying to do something and after reading about
it, I'm still not sure whether or not it can be done.

Basically, someone has created a python script and I would like to
make use of his functions.  I would prefer to not modify his file so
what I would like to do is just write my script and import parts that
are needed.  i.e., I would like to separate my changes from his as
best as I can.  However, that other module has both functions (def's,
which I would like to use) and top-level commands which I don't need
and in fact, prints errors when I import it since it was meant to be
run as a top-level module and not imported in.  i.e., its expecting
arguments to be supplied.

For example, suppose I have a module

from test2 import foo

#import test2

print "test says hello"


def foo():
  print "foo is being executed"

print "test2 says hello"

and I would like to run "python" without "test2 says hello"
appearing.  I figured "import test2" would not work, so I thought that
maybe "from" would only take the functions listed, but no.  In the
end, it is just importing all of "test2" and then renaming it:  foo = .

This isn't a very serious problem as I obviously have the source and
can just copy the functions and attribute the original author (that's
ok).  But, it would be nice if I can make use of those functions
without touching that file [ in the above example].

Is this possible?

Thank you!


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