is python Object oriented??

Hung Vo hungvn94 at
Mon Feb 2 05:16:45 CET 2009

On Feb 2, 4:10 am, Stephen Hansen <apt.shan... at> wrote:
> Anyway, it doesn't matter. We're losing the point here. The point is
> that language support for private access, by disallowing user access
> to private data, provides an unambiguous information hiding mechanism
> which encourages encapsulation. Python's approach, however, which is
> only a naming convention rather than a language feature, merely TRUSTS
> the programmer not to break encapsulation. And sure, if we're all good
> programmers, everything will go well and we'll end up with an
> organized application. But the danger is still there: at any given
> time, we COULD break encapsulation!
> I was long-winded the last time I responded to this point so no one probably read it :)

Yes, we read it. You made good points!!


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