Python package Management GUI - New Project on Sourceforge

David Lyon david.lyon at
Mon Feb 2 05:57:05 CET 2009

> What's wrong with Enstaller from Enthought ?

for a start....


it claims to be depracated...

> Can I make a few suggestions ?


> To be truly cross platform, consider
> using the Tcl/Tk toolkit rather tahn
> wxWindows. Why ? Because Tcl/TK
> is packaged and provided along with
> most Python distributions.

I agree with your point..

The problem is that Tcl/TK is a functionaly
handicapped and results in a less powerful GUI.

In an installer, it is not so hard to install
the wxWidgets dll (under windows)

But later, I won't mind redoing it in tk if
it becomes too much of a hassle.
> I would not simply have wrappers around
> easy_install and pip, I would integrate
> as best as you can into these libraries
> without trying to add or rewrite too much.

Sure... I agree

> Also, consider integrating with yolk
> as well, as it provides some food features
> and functionality that easy_install and pip
> don't provide.

Thanks - I will check out your suggestions in

Take care


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