Python package Management GUI - New Project on Sourceforge

Stephen Hansen apt.shansen at
Mon Feb 2 02:50:36 EST 2009

> Well, isn't tkinter being removed?
> (

PEP3108 isn't only about removals, but some renaming and
reorganizations of certain packages / modules to be consistent within
the standard library. In that section of PEP3108 they're talking about
grouping tkinter modules together in a different way.

That said...

> So the user will have to install it anyways, I think wx is way better that
> tkinter
> from a user and a developer's perspective. I think it's time to let it
> go....but hey,

Honestly, I agree. There's a point to a meta-app like this being
"universally available" and since Tkinter is almost always available,
that's a boon. But Tkinter is a really, really poor choice in just
about every other category of how you make your decision IMHO.

If the OP wants to use a wxPython-based GUI, all power to him. If he
wants his utility to get wide adoption he just needs to make sure he
can get some binary installers; deps, rpms, windows .exe's, etc.
That's not at all impossible to do. Just takes extra work. If he wants
to do the work -- and have a good UI -- good for him.


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