is python Object oriented??

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Mon Feb 2 07:01:28 EST 2009

> I wonder why the designers of processors do such silly things as having
> user and supervisor modes in the hardware - according to your
> arguments a code review would solve the problem, and then they
> could use the silicon saved to do other usefull stuff. - then any process
> could use any instruction, and it would be all right. - easy to manage
> out of the project - you just have to scan the object code for op codes
> that you have decided are dangerous (for whatever stupid reason).

This is comparing apples to oranges. Forced data encapsulation or not take
place *inside one process*. So this whole argument is a straw-man.

I've seen a lot of programs segfault that are written in C++ with data
encapsulation. And also a lot of them that overcame the restrictions the
compiler or even runtime in java imposed on them, either by pointer-magic,
or through some available backdoors that have been put in place for good

So far I haven't seen any argument for forced data encapsulation that went
beyond a matter of personal taste. That's fine, but also just that.


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