Python package Management GUI - New Project on Sourceforge

Wolfgang Keller feliphil at
Mon Feb 2 07:15:55 EST 2009

> David, I would really recommend that you
> seriously consider using the Tcp/Tk toolkit.

I would seriously disrecommend using Tcl/Tk.

> Why ?

Because it doesn't allow to build a GUI application with not-ridiculous
functionality, "look-and-feel" and quirk-free behaviour.

> Because of my point above, you'll find the tool will most likely have
> a greater impact and uptake than one requiring a user or developer to
> install a 3rd party toolkit and library just to use your gui package
> manager :)

I'm using applications that use wxPython, PyGTK, PyQt etc. every day
that don't require to "install" anything, not even _themselves_. In fact
this (zero-install applications) is the _only_ actually "simple" way to
distribute applications. And it is the standard way to distribute
applications for the Mac.

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