Reading text file with wierd file extension?

Mike Driscoll kyosohma at
Mon Feb 2 13:41:21 EST 2009

On Feb 2, 12:36 pm, Lionel < at> wrote:
> Hi Folks, Python newbie here.
> I'm trying to open (for reading) a text file with the following
> filenaming convension:
> "MyTextFile.slc.rsc"
> My code is as follows:
> Filepath = "C:\\MyTextFile.slc.rsc"
> FileH = open(Filepath)
> The above throws an IOError exception. On a hunch I changed the
> filename (only the filename) and tried again:
> Filepath = "C:\\MyTextFile.txt"
> FileH = open(Filepath)
> The above works well. I am able to open the file and read it's
> contents. I assume to read a file in text file "mode" the parameter is
> scanned for a ".txt" extension, otherwise the Python runtime doesn't
> know what version of "open(...)" to invoke. How do I pass the original
> filename (MyTextFile.slc.rsc) and get Python to open it as a text
> file? Thanks in advance everyone!

The extension shouldn't matter. I tried creating a file with the same
extension as yours and Python 2.5.2 opened it and read it no problem.
I tried it in IDLE and with Wing on Windows XP. What are you using?
What's the complete traceback?


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