is python Object oriented??

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>> PS: More accurately, Python _embodies_ a philosophy, and to advocate
>> changes that go against that philosophy is to advocate changing
>> Python into something that would no longer be Python.  You can do
>> that, but you aren't likely to get the community to follow you.
> *sits on his hands to try to avoid the tangent, with the gaping hole of  
> religion
> looming beneath the spiderweb of philosophy, and the language spec  
> gathering
> dust in the corner, forgotten and forlorn*

This really, really, *really* isn't a tangent.  It's the heart of
the matter.  You are advocating a change that doesn't fit with
Python's "consenting adults" approach to programming.  It's trivial
to enforce hiding using static checking tools if you really feel the
need to not trust yourself; it's much harder (though by no means
impossible) to break language-enforced hiding when (not if) an
interface turns out to be inadequate.

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