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> Hi,
> swamynathan wrote:
>> hello,
>> im making a virtual piano in python where on key stroke a wav is played
>> from a location
>> now to implement  a fully functional piano i need to have multiple key
>> stroke captures  ie if 2 or 3 keys pressed then the function which
>> playes the wav is called with 3 parameters
>> how to implement this or any other suggestion(i was asked to try multi
>> threading which dint seem optimal)
> Are you trying to do this with a computer keyboard or with an
> attached midi or usb music keybord? If the former, you are probably
> w/o luck because afaik there is no way to track the event
> of having random keys pressed the same time.

Yes there is.  You need to use one of the GUIs (Tkinter, wxPython,
PyGame, etc), all of which will give you Key Down/Key Up events.

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